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One Winter Night 2021

One Winter Night 2021

Mattex is the local leader in an industry centered around ensuring everyone in Champaign County has a safe, warm home on even the coldest of winter nights. But for thousands of individuals in Central Illinois who do not have a home of their own, a warm place to rest their head at night is entirely dependent upon local organizations providing vital housing resources. That is why the Mattex team is proud to be a business sponsor for CU at Home’s “One Winter Night” fundraiser.


CU at Home is a Champaign-based non-profit organization serving the homeless population throughout Champaign County. CU at Home provides local drop-in centers, overnight housing, interview training and other vital resources necessary to assist the local homeless population. These resources are dependent upon the organization’s annual fundraiser, “One Winter Night”, which gives local Champaign County residents an opportunity to raise both awareness and financial support for the organization while spending one night in a cardboard box in downtown Champaign.

On February 5, a team of employees from Mattex embarked on a journey to better understand the needs of the homeless community in Champaign County while spending a night outside in downtown Champaign. Mike Nichelson (President and Owner), Ed Bernson (Sales and Marketing Manager), Dave Thompson (Commercial Comfort Consultant) and Lauren Acton (Marketing Director) spent the evening in the WCIA-3 parking lot to help gather donations and share information on the organization with the local community. In addition to collecting donations at WCIA, Nichelson and Acton also spent the night in cardboard boxes on the snowy, 5 degree night.

“You don’t realize how blessed you are until you experience a full night out in the cold,” said Nichelson. “It makes you that much more grateful for what you do have and eager to give back to those in need around you.” Nichelson spent the night in the Hamilton Walker’s parking lot in downtown Champaign. Waking up to frost on his blanket and clothing was eye-opening, as he realized how many individuals in the local community experienced that issue night after night. 


“At Mattex, it’s part of our mission to provide a warm home to Champaign County residents,” said Acton. “This was an opportunity to expand upon that mission. We plan to make it a regular piece of what we do for our neighbors without an address. Our new partnership with CU at Home is exciting, and we hope our customers will join us in continuing to give back to help those in need.” Acton spent the evening in the parking lot of The Venue. “By 2am, my box had a thin layer of ice forming on top of it and the cold on my face was becoming painful. I now understand even more deeply how impactful CU at Home’s drop-in center and overnight housing are for those in need.”

In addition to inviting customers to spend the night in downtown Champaign alongside the Mattex team, Mattex launched a “Feel the Difference and Make a Difference” campaign, allowing customers to either take a $25 discount on their own services, or pay that $25 forward to CU at Home. The Mattex team also matched every donation received by WCIA during a one hour window on February 5. To date, these efforts provided over $3,500 in support to CU at Home. 

To learn more about how you can “Feel the Difference and Make a Difference” with Mattex, please call or text 217-355-9700 or visit .