Veterans Day Giveaway Winner Announced

Veterans Day Giveaway Winner Announced

November 7, 2020 | Community Involvement, Promotions

Mattex Service Company has selected the recipient of a free furnace in its 5th annual Veterans Day Furnace Giveaway. The annual giveaway benefits a deserving Veteran in need residing within Central Illinois.

Postal Workers Win Free Furnace for Mattoon Vietnam Veteran

After collecting over 60 total nominations, the selection committee, composed of Mattex employees, selected a Vietnam veteran and lifelong resident of Mattoon, Illinois. The Veteran, who wishes to remain anonymous, received multiple nominations from employees of the Mattoon United States Postal Service office, after they noticed he did not have any heat in his home.

“He is the most kind, considerate, and caring man,” said Jennifer Sledge of the Mattoon Postal Service. “He’s always so concerned about us being warm as we deliver mail and I feel like he needs to be warm himself. He has done so much for our country, and it’s time we do this for him. This furnace will do so much for him.”

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