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Why Should You Have a Backup Sump Pump?

Why Should You Have a Backup Sump Pump?

May 15, 2022 | Homeowner Tips, Plumbing

Storm Season is here! If you lose electrical power during an outage, you also lose the use of your primary sump pump. This can lead to extensive and costly water damage. Having a backup sump pump is one way to avoid water damage.

How does a backup sump pump work?

After your power has gone out, there isn’t much time between a dry basement and a flooded one. Backup sump pumps ensure that when your primary pump doesn’t have power, your home still stays dry. Battery backups use heavy-duty batteries that act as the source of power in the event that your home has an electrical outage. The backup will automatically power your sump pump when needed. There is always a connection between the backup battery and the sump system, which means that the battery will remain charged until it is of use.

A sump pump battery backup is sometimes referred to as a two-stage system. When your home has power, your primary sump pump will use electricity. If your home loses power, the backup battery is there to keep things running smoothly. With the two-stage system, you are more likely to have your home/basement remain dry and undamaged by water.

Is there another option for a backup sump pump?

Yes! An even more effective option for backup sump pumps is a Water Commander system. Water Commanders operate by using your home’s water pressure for energy. No electricity or batteries required. Oftentimes, battery-powered sump pumps will begin to lose their charge over time, making it less and less powerful and efficient. With the Water Commander, you don’t have to worry! It will keep pumping during a power outage, or primary sump pump failure leaving your home nice and dry. Learn more about how these unique products work here.

Can you install a backup to an existing sump pump?

The good news is that you can add a backup to your existing system. The backup system acts as a sensor between a sump pump and the current electrical supply. A battery backup controller is used. Your primary sump pump and a new backup pump are plugged into the controller. The controller is then connected directly to an electrical outlet. This way your backup battery receives a trickle charge. If the power does go out, the sensor will activate the battery to ensure that the backup pump will run when needed. You should have the battery tested or replaced every 2-3 years to ensure that it is working at its top performance.

Do you need a technician to install the backup?

Electricity and water do not mix, which is why a sump pump installation and a battery backup system are better left to professional installers. Your installer will have received the proper training and have the right experience to tackle any installation, repair, or maintenance work on your sump pump and system.


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