$100 Off Backup Sump Pump Installation

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$100 Off Water Commander Installation (Backup Sump Pump)

Protect your home during storms and power outages

Water Commander is a non-electric backup sump pump that uses your home’s water pressure to operate—no battery or electricity is needed.

For a limited time, get $100 off a Water Commander Installation.

Water Commander™ solves the problems that plague other backup sump pumps.

During a power outage, your backup sump pump is often your only protection against basement flooding. Battery backups are a problem in that their capacity to hold a charge reduces over time and for that reason often fail during a severe storm, when they are most needed.

Water Commander, the water-powered backup sump pump, solves this problem. Unlike battery backups, Water Commander will operate as needed for an unlimited amount of time. No maintenance is required and no future battery replacement is needed.

Water Commander is completely dependable during a storm and can run reliably without limit for many years.

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