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Preparing Your AC Unit For Spring

Preparing Your AC Unit For Spring

March 7, 2022 | Cooling, Homeowner Tips

AC Units

Winter is coming to a close and spring weather is just around the corner. Preparing your air conditioner unit before the high-temperature days set in assures that you and your home will stay cool, even on the hottest of days. Here are some of our Mattex approved tips on getting your AC unit ready.

Remove Any And All Dirt/Debris

Lawn care is especially difficult during the winter. This gives way for all kinds of dirt, leaves, and limbs to build up around your outdoor unit. Getting rid of any large debris first from in and around your unit is a vital step. Failing to remove debris from inside the fans could lead to expensive repairs. Once complete, move on to any superficial dust or dirt.

Change Your Air Filter

An air conditioner’s efficiency dramatically depends on the cleanliness of its air filter. Dirty filters reduce the ability for cold air to circulate and can allow unwanted particles into your home. We provide services to ensure you and your family breathe easier with the assistance of polarized air systems.

Give Your Unit A Test Run

Allowing your unit a short trial run before full-time use is a great idea. Turn on your unit for 30 minutes to an hour and watch for signs of anything not functioning properly. Observe how your unit is performing both inside and outside your home. Finding an issue during your test run can potentially save you from a much larger and more expensive problem later on.

Schedule A Spring Maintenance Session

Having a trained professional come to inspect your unit is one of the best ways to prevent any possible issues and prolong its lifespan. During the inspection, a technician will check on refrigerant leaks, motors, and other parts that could be subject to wear. HVAC maintenance can counteract any underlying problems and allow you to confidently enjoy the upcoming warm weather.