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Our Top Pick for Back-Up Sump Pumps

Our Top Pick for Back-Up Sump Pumps

August 15, 2022 | Homeowner Tips, Plumbing

The Role of the Back-Up Sump Pump

Having a backup sump pump can save your house from the failure of an electric sump pump. Battery backups become a problem because their capacity to hold a charge reduces over time and often fail during a severe storm when they are needed most. Connected to the home’s waterline, the backup will empty the sump pit using suction. The water can then be ejected outside. When the sump pit is empty, the backup will turn off automatically until it is triggered again. It will be used as long as it’s needed. The Water Commander pump can be depended upon until power is restored or the primary sump pump is replaced.

How Water Commander™ is Different

Water Commander™ is a non-electric backup sump pump that uses your home’s water pressure to operate—no battery or electricity is needed. The pump harnesses municipal water pressure to create a powerful suction that quickly empties a sump pit without the use of batteries or electricity.

An electric sump pump is the first defense against a basement flood, downfall is that this relies on electricity so whenever the power goes out, it can cause flooding.

Water Commander™ vs. Battery Back-Ups

Water powered and battery back-ups have major differences in terms of run time, life span, pumping rates, and cost. The run time of a new battery is 7-8 hours which only goes down over time. With no need to replace a battery, A water powered pump has an unlimited run time which is a primary benefit of the Water Commander™. A battery back-up has a recommended lifespan of 2-3 years. On the other hand, a Water Commander™ system can last up to 20 years, with testing twice a year. Most battery powered sump pumps can pump between 800-2,000 GPH, although that number decreases as a battery ages. The Water Commander™ pumps between 1,800-2,800 GPH which exceeds the range for a battery back-up. A battery back-up requires the purchase of a pump, separate battery, and replacement batteries every several years. A water-powered pump is a one-time purchase, less than the total cost of battery back-ups. In the long run the benefits of a Water Commander™ outweigh the benefits of a battery back-up.